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Scott Pomeroy

Founder, Pomeroy Architecture Inc.

(416) 628-9186

Scott Pomeroy is a licensed architect with over 20 years’ experience working on a wide variety of project types and sizes. Scott holds a master’s degree in architecture from Dalhousie University and is also a LEED® Accredited Professional.


In 2011 Scott founded Pomeroy Architecture Inc. in Toronto, which provides a full range of services including architecture, interior design and project planning. Pomeroy Architecture offers expertise in many building types and industries, with extensive experience on complex renovations and additions. 


Pomeroy Architecture follows a disciplined design approach that carefully considers all influences on a project - a methodology that focuses on the process of design, rather than on a specific building type.  In doing so, they bring value to any project type and therefore work across many industries.


Scott worked in construction prior to entering the architecture field and has a deep respect and understanding of how design translates into constructed work. Scott considers his construction experience to be one of the strongest influences on his designs, balancing his creativity with experience-based pragmaticism.

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