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CIBC Mortgage Advisor


Since bursting onto the scene in the financial industry, Nelson has provided his clients with excellent professional advice, tailoring each conversation to the needs of the client. A native of Ottawa, Ontario, Nelson graduated from Carleton University with a bachelor’s degree in Corporate Law. This gave him the necessary skills needed in order to excel in the financial sector and more specifically, the mortgage and lending industry. As a CIBC Mortgage Advisor, Nelson works closely with Realtors, Lawyers, Accountants, and other CIBC staff in order to provide expert mortgage advice to clients in the GTA.


Nelson specializes in facilitating residential lending for high net worth individuals, first time homebuyers, and seasoned investors. With a background as a Senior Financial Advisor with Scotiabank, Nelson is able to give holistic advice to his clients on both sides of the ledger. His professionalism and overall industry knowledge set him apart from other advisors and brokers in the mortgage scene. He recently joined the leaderboard for the top 20% of mortgage advisors in all of Canada. Nelson is always open to have a coffee to discuss how to mutually improve business results.

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