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Charles Bennett

Principal Consultant, Triella Transformative Technologies

(647) 426-1004

Charles Bennett is the Principal Consultant and owner of Triella a full service technology company providing assessments, consulting, outsources helpdesk services and knowledge management solutions to our clients. Triella brings the vision of technology meeting business needs to life by setting high standards for client service, delivery and implementation. With a diverse background working with professionals in the legal, charitable, engineering and corporate sectors, Charles understands the demands placed on business and the need to provide prompt, friendly and accurate service. As a client manager, Charles and his team of consultants and support staff will ensure that your needs are met and that you understand the value that Triella is bringing to the table as well as the underlying cost drivers for service. This allows you to make an informed decision. Triella, technology peace of mind.

"With the professionals in Toronto Resource Partners group, I don't need to go anywhere else for professional services for my small business."

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